LISTEN UP!!! The moment you’ve all been waiting so very patiently for has finally arrived. the smalls ONLINE STORE IS OPEN, as of October 4th!!!!!!! Can you believe it’s finally happening? I can’t!!!! We got most of the stuff from the tour for sale and hopefully, with your input taken into consideration of course, we’ll make more designs and more stuff!
October 4th people. Mark it on your calendars. The link will be posted on our website, this page, twitter, reverberation and of course who ever y’all decide to share it with. Come get yer aprons and bottle openers and posters and shirts and hoodies!!! We got it all. Any and all input is appreciated, but since I take no shit… save your negative/snide comments for someone who cares. Thank you all for your patience and support. We love y’all!!! Please share!
– Terry